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HIFU stands for High Focused Ultrasound and Renova HIFU is a safe, non-surgical ultrasound treatment that counteracts the effects of aging on your skin.

The method stimulates the body's own restorative ability to gently and gradually lift the skin at the eyebrows, under the chin, on the neck and smooth out lines and wrinkles.



Can the method replace a facelift?


Renova HIFU reaches down and treats the same deep layer of skin as plastic surgery, but the method cannot replace the result achieved with a surgical facelift.

However, the method is a very good alternative, especially for those who do not feel ready for a surgical procedure or for those who want to extend the effect of such surgery.



How does the treatment stimulate collagen production?


Renova HIFU slussar ner fokuserad ultraljudsenergi djupt i huden vid den mest optimala temperaturen för kollagenförnyelse. Behandlingen triggar igång en naturlig process som kallas neocollagenesis som producerar nytt, friskt kollagen som är hudens enskilt viktigaste beståndsdel för en ungdomligt stram och slät hud.


Renova HIFU kräver varken, krämer, fillers eller toxiner utan använder sig enbart av din egen kropps förmåga att skapa kollagen för att på så sätt ge naturliga och synliga resultat.



Hur fungerar Renova HIFU på kroppen?


Renova HIFU har visat sig vara mycket effektiv även mot fettdepåer och celluliter runt om på kroppen och kan därmed användas som en icke-kirurgisk kroppslyftsbehandling utan att det behövs någon tid för konvalescens.


Metoden kan behandla så vitt skilda områden som mage, rumpa, knän, överarmar och ben.


The ultrasound destroys fat cells which are then naturally released from the body through the bloodstream and lymphatic system.


How long does treatment take?


The treatment time varies depending on the area being treated and your individual treatment plan. The face and neck usually take 60-90 minutes while for example a breast treatment takes 30 minutes.


Do I need to take time off after treatment?

With Renova HIFU, no convalescence is needed. After treatment, you can immediately return to everyday activities without any further action.



How does the treatment feel?


Just as the ultrasonic energy goes down the skin, there is often a slight feeling that the collagen production is started. Sensitivity varies from person to person but afterwards nothing feels like it.



When will I see results and how long will it last?

Immediately after your HIFU treatment, you may see some initial effects, but the complete result will be gradual for 2-6 months as your body naturally recovers new collagen. Since collagen production varies from person to person, it may take a long time for results to be achieved. The collagen is formed deep into the skin and it is your personal aging process that controls how long it takes before it appears on the outside.



How many treatments will I need?


Most patients only need one treatment, but depending on the skin's laxity, the biological response to the treatment and the individual collagen production, some patients may need additional treatments.


As the skin continually continues to age, a follow-up so-called touch-up may also be required to keep up with the body's natural aging by further tightening the skin and stimulating collagen production.


Are there any side effects?  

The skin may show some redness immediately after treatment, but it will disappear within a few hours. Some patients may also experience a slight swelling, a tingling sensation or sensitivity to touch but it is also temporary.


Less common side effects are that minor bruising and a numbing feeling can occur. However, some may get a certain redness that turns into something that may look like a very light bruise. This is perfectly normal and goes away after a couple of days.


Compared to surgical procedures and for example laser treatment, the consequences are minimal, although the positive effects are equivalent.

Hifu - hals ( erbjudand Ordinarie pris 4990:- )


45 min

SEK 2,500.00 

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Hifu - hals och kinder ( Erbjudande Ordinarie pris 6500:-)


90 min

SEK 3,250.00 

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Hifu - kinder ( erbjudand Ordinarie pris 4990:- )


45 min

SEK 2,500.00 

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Hifu- Ansiktet ( Erbjudande - Ordinarie pris 9000: )


120 min

SEK 4,500.00

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45 min

SEK 4,990.00 

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Hifu - Hela ansiktet och Hals ( Erbjudande ,ordinarie pris 10000 :- )


140 min

5.000,00 kr 

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